My mission is to appreciate the time spent with others and praise those who inspire me.

Recently, I went on a trip to Haiti to bury my grandfather.  You can read more about him here and that experience here.

My ultimate goal is to follow in the steps of my father and some of my uncles.  What some of them have done, and are in the process of doing, is building schools and hospitals in the town they grew up in.

That puts me in a slight predicament: Do I give back to the community I grew up in? Or, do I give back to the community my parents grew up in because they seem to need it more?   At least our taxes in the US provide government assistance to those in need.  But I digress.

I'll try to give back to both communities, but I believe I will place a much larger emphasis on Haiti.  They really do need it more. 

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Check out some of the pictures below: 

** Warning**  Contains Graphic Images.